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Hi! I’m Courtney. Welcome to Beats Your Meat!

My fiancé and I decided to go vegetarian about three years ago. People have a lot of different reasons for going vegetarian. For us, we are huge animal lovers, and eating meat just didn’t feel right to us anymore (however greasy and delicious it may be).

For better or worse, we don’t look like vegetarians. We pretty much look the same way we did about 3 years ago when we first decided to stop eating meat. While I think we both had visions in our head of our perfect kale- loving selves, life doesn’t always work out the way you plan. The first six months we were vegetarian were a goddamned nightmare. We didn’t do a trial run. We just jumped in head first and said “Nope. I don’t want to eat animals anymore”. That VERY FIRST DAY I had no idea what to make for us to eat. Rice? Plain noodles? Lettuce? This resulted in a quite a few trips to Burger King, scarfing down our Whoppers in the parking lot trying not to feel guilty. We told ourselves we would do better next time, but we didn’t.

The reality is that we really didn’t get the hang of vegetarianism until we started eating imitation meats. Don’t get me wrong, being vegetarian introduced us to a plethora of new delicious cuisines that I never would have tried as a meat eater. At the end of the day though, we both still craved those greasy decadent American foods we grew up eating.

Our Mission

Just in the last few years alone there has been an explosion of vegetarians meat alternatives entering the market, as well as insane advances in the technology that will bring us things like lab grown meat. This stuff isn’t just at specialty food stores anymore. Target, Walmart, and Amazon are where we have purchased the majority of the products we have tried. This wide spread availability is incredible, but the quality of imitation that many of these products has reached still leaves MUCH to be desired…

We wanted to create a one stop shop for all of our former meat loving friends. The goal of Beats Your Meat is to provide you with as much information as possible about these vegetarian products so you don’t have to waste your money trying to find a veggie burger or chick’n nuggets that don’t taste like ass. We will do the legwork for you.

We hope our mission will resonate with some of you vegetarians that still remember how delicious meat tastes, and maybe some aspiring vegetarians as well. Going vegetarian shouldn’t mean you have to give up the foods you love.

We can help you find some disgustingly delicious alternatives.


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