Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact you?

Feel free to email us BeatYourMeat@icloud.com.

Aren’t there like a million food blogs out there? Why does this one exist?

Here is Our Mission. The takeaway is that we want to be a resource for aspiring vegetarians, seasoned vegetarians who still crave meat, and anyone who feels a little clueless about what they can and/or should be eating as a vegetarian.

Isn’t all of this food really unhealthy since it’s processed?

That’s a complicated question, but my overall answer is no. With everything though, moderation is key. Are these fake meat products we are reviewing processed? Of course. They couldn’t exist without modern technology. Some are definitely better than others. We are working on guides that will help you understand what some of those long scary-sounding words on nutritional labels are so you can know what you’re really eating and make educated dieting decisions for yourselves.

In terms of our recipes specifically, they’re all over the map. The bottom line is that “Healthy” is a complicated subject, and not one I’m keen to focus on. There are thousands of healthy vegetarian recipes out there. I’m trying to provide you with meat free recipes that are a little more indulgent so you don’t go running to meat when those fast food cravings inevitably hit. Again, my motto is everything in moderation.

How does your rating system work?

Ratings are out of ten with ten being the best and one being the worst. This is the rough criteria we consider when forming our reviews:

  • Taste
  • Texture
  • Imitation
  • Price
  • Overall quality
  • Availability

Of course with any review, our own preference is going to affect the ratings. With that in mind, we try to be as objective as possible when reviewing foods. We may be a little harsh with our ratings, but the way technology is advancing we shouldn’t settle for less. If I’m reviewing a vegetarian burger, a 10/10 to me is a real beef burger. We are getting to a point with technology where that’s not a ridiculously high expectation.

Are you going to review vegetarian fast food?


Why all of the swearing?

We want to be honest with you guys. This is who we are. Imperfect, silly people who are still trying to figure life out. I think there’s a tendency for people who run blogs and social media to want to put on a facade and show the very best versions of themselves, which is completely understandable. Writing reviews and recipes the same way that I speak casually helps me avoid pretending to be someone I’m not. We are all grown ass adults here anyways (probably?) so I don’t feel a strong need to censor myself. If you have an issue with this, feel free to contact us.